Creative Destruction PC(https://www.creativedestructionpc.com) is a website which provides latest news and other information about Creative Destruction PC Game. Creative Destruction is a sandbox survival mobile game which is developed by ZuoMasterDeveloper.This Creative Destruction PC Game is inspired by Fortnite Mobile. Creative Destruction is available for Microsoft Windows, MAC, Android and Android mobiles.In Creative Destruction PC Game, You will be air-dropped on a mysterious island with 99 other players. The Creative Destruction Gameplay is very similar to Pubg and other Battle Royale games.In Creative Destruction Game, You will be unarmed and your task is to quickly find the guns and other weapons to fight with enemies.You can find weapons and other important things from inside the buildings. You have to keep your eye on your surroundings because enemies can attack you from any direction.If you will be the last man standing, You will be called as the winner of Creative Destruction.